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Art of Her photoshoot 2018 - Web Resolut

Faith Holloway MA, LPC, NCC

Hello and Welcome!


I am a Denver native and my Dad would tell you that I learned how to ski before I could walk!  

I would consider myself an outdoorsy type since I have always enjoyed skiing, hiking, biking, camping, taking my dogs for walks, traveling to new places (especially warm, beachy type places) and just being outside in nature! 

I love to travel because it gives me opportunities to meet new people, experience new cultures, and learn more about the world we live in! 

I live with my husband and our 3 dogs, Bandit, Dharma, and Sukha. Family is extremely important to me including my son, parents, brothers, sister in law's, nieces, and nephews. I spend as much time with my family as possible. 

The values I live my life by include; kindness, compassion, understanding, non-judgmental, patience, forgiving, courage, integrity, vulnerability, and accountability. And ~ not taking anything too seriously! Laugher really can provide some of the best medicine. 

I have provided a slideshow at the bottom of this page that has some of my favorite memories so that you can get to know a little more about me! 

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about who I am, I look forward to getting to know you! 

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