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Individual Counseling



Life Transitions

Grief & Loss


Mood Disorders

Eating Disorders

Suicidal Ideation

I love to work with individuals of all ages, gender, sexual orientation, religious or spiritual beliefs, and from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. My approach to working with individuals is both holistic & person centered. 

A holistic approach is used to examine the relationship between mind, body, and soul. Together, we will explore how your thoughts and feelings may contribute to symptoms of anxiety, depression, problems with sleep, energy levels, diet, and how all of these things combined impact your overall sense of self and well being.

A person centered approach means that I view you as the expert. We will work together to understand the issues you are facing and I will gently guide you to finding your own answers by asking the right questions. 

Couples Counseling

Relationships Conflict



Family Planning




I enjoy working with couples who are looking to deepen their connection to one another through better understanding, communication, and creating shared goals and values. I prefer to use the Gottman method, an approach that uses detailed assessments and research based interventions to replace negative patterns with positive interactions, leading to greater intimacy and affection. 

Another approach I use when working with couples is through exploring attachment. Our attachment style is important because it helps us understand how we view relationships and intimacy, deal with conflict, our beliefs and attitudes toward sex, and the expectations we have for ourselves and others. 

Children and Adolescents



Behavioral Problems

Mood Disorders

Eating Disorders


Bullying / Peers 

Suicidal Ideation

Self Harm 

I am passionate about and have many years of experience working with children and adolescents. Additionally, I took extra course work in school and am working on becoming a registered play therapist. My approach to working with children and adolescents is to meet them where they are at emotionally, cognitively, developmentally, and socially. I utilize play therapy, talk therapy, games, exercise, walking, and sometimes I even allow kids to bring their pets to therapy.

Prior to starting my own private practice, I worked with kids ages 2 - 18 at Children's Hospital. I have worked with children who have a variety of concerns including; anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, self harming behaviors, mood disorders, behavioral problems, ADHD, cognitive disorders, autism, eating disorders, or have experienced bullying at school or online. 

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